About us

Gloss Army combines sophisticated and sexy shapes with high end materials resulting in a unique and exciting collection. Adriana Vieira and Andrea Prado got their inspiration from the modern and urban women who want to bring her style to the Gym and the beach.

The result is a very Glamorous and Unique Collection that stands out with drapes, lycras pleats, geometric cuts, tunics and exquisite metals and printings. Casual clothing and accessories complete the cool and glamorous collection for authentic and modern women driven by their elegant taste.

Gloss Army technology

    Our Supplex® is known to be the best in Brazil! Supplex® is a very functional and high-tech product, engineered to provide the soft, supple touch of cotton with the strength, durability and performance advantages of nylon.

  • Cottony-soft Comfort
  • Shrink, crease and fade resistant.
  • Fast-drying, breathable and odor, wind, and water resistant.

Gloss Army Design

    Gloss Army Collection was carefully designed to sculpt your body.

  • Cuts emphasize the parts you love and conceal those you don’t
  • Strategic seaming slims or creates coveted curves
  • Strategic colors enhances assets and minimizes flaws